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We are Chris and Christi, a wife-and-husband team based out of Austin, Texas!

We met three days before our first year of undergrad even started. Although we have been separated by countries, we have been together all that time. Christi is a micromanager who loves to plan events that are whimsical and unusual. Chris is pretty freaking good at this marketing and tech thing, so he makes sure the technological lights keep running. Together, we are the dream team.

We’re actually all about making your event as unique and fantastic as you are. With any event (a wedding, a baby shower, a 16th birthday party), there’s always some intense traditions tied up in there. If you are all about those traditions, awesome! There’s no shame in that at all. But if you’re a wee bit more outside of the box, if you’re that offbeat bride or the ba-ba black sheep that marches to the beat of their own drum, then we are here for you, my friend. We are ready to plan an event with you that is absolutely incredible.

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